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Latest Apple Watch features

Apple Watch features


let's clear this up front - you do not really need one. We promise. It's not a phone. It is physically connected to your body. How often are you going to fall? Ok, so there is a good chance that you can scrape against something one day, but I hope the sapphire crystal screen must be able to handle that and, fingers crossed, sport clock-X Ion Crystal Apple too.

Anyway, we will not judge if you still want a nice armor, new SmartWatch. In addition, you may just want a case to make it look a little different (but rather raise the question of why Apple chose the clock in the first place). Still you want to buy one? Well well. Here are the best cases for Apple Look around. Your call.
Clarity Luvvitt

If super clear Luvvitt Clarity is a very good choice if you like to see Apple in search of the way it did the first time I opened the box. This transparent layer is a soft, flexible material to absorb shocks and protect the edge of brushing your device from scratches steel and chipped a pass on the track at the end of the street after buying forget that one SmartWatch isn 't going to make fit. Comes with screen protector included.

Epik lunatik


ActionProof bumper


  Epik Lunatik funded Kickstarter is a robust watch for all your Apple. The idea is to pull down the standard model and provide both a new aluminum alloy casing and tie rubber or hard metal version to go with it. With a nucleus absorbs shocks and extended digital Corona, which is really designed for those who intend to take their Apple Watch riding skiing or mountain biking and extreme sports harpoon that involves taking big tumbles and gloves threaten Gadget use. Or maybe it's just uncomfortable for the series and all trite.

Delgado Spigen Armour


 A different view of robust style is ActionProof sticker Indiegogo crowdfunding was history now. The sale is that you give your super powers Apple Watch. The truth is that protecting it with a rubber cover well designed that leaves many gaps here and there, so it does not interfere with what Ive and the boys have come up with. You can still get your fingers on the Digital Corona, the microphone is not covered and ActionProof has said the heart rate sensor optical still fits flush with the skin. Noble considerations.

Waterproof cover Chenrui


The Spigen Delgado Armour is similar to ActionProof bumper treatment, but this time the protection is not as strident. This is definitely there in the event of an accident rather than disgrace. Despite its money in elegant and attractive cash it is actually made of rubber - I'm not sure if that's good or bad - but it's one silver, gold and options white with the idea that nobody really knows the difference, except you. Very elegant and mum's the word, eh?
X-Doria Defense Edge

  For a case of Apple Watch is actually made of metal, however, it is X-Doria have to go. It is machined aluminum with machined aluminum finish, because, after all, what is metal and metal on top of it? Actually it is a relatively small number of elegant appearance, once your case $ 30 is all buggered, it's pretty easy to get so still has a beautiful and pristine sale resale Apple Watch Apple Follow 2 arrives in time.

HealingShield Body Wraps


 Klaxon massive risk! This waterproof box next silicone Apple is fully tested and is only available on Amazon. The company also sells seem to have any address on file. It is, however, the only case that offers complete waterproofing for Apple clock, so it is definitely worth mentioning here yet. Probably the best kept their horses in this until we have a complete test on your watch Apple, not ours, it is to fall into a fish tank. Stay tuned for splosh and legal charges.

Box 24ct gold plated Swarovski


 Only one (shipping 1 pound less South Korea) fiver and actually a decent way of Funking his watch. HealingShield is an Etsy shop with 38 different designs of Apple View case wrap all of which are quite tasteful. No screen protection, but certainly it is going to stop scratching the body and also comes with some easy to follow installation instructions, hopefully, in English.
Ultimate Screen Protector Shield

To keep things simple, then obviously I will not leave screen. It's a little embarrassing to have an invisible layer of plastic between you and touch precision engineering and gloriously over-designed screen interaction techniques palate, but, well, we got it. This will allow you accidentally drive a gun in your face and probably never notice it, and neither will anyone else. There are billions of brands to choose from. Last Shield will do fine.

 Finally, it is not so much a device like Apple's own watch everything. Head over to Etsy Strikegoldplating and you can buy SmartWatch 24ct gold plated for much less than Apple's own line which starts Follow edition 8000 pounds. It comes with an alligator strap, such as fetching dark brown and the best part is worse / is that the same case is studded with Swarovski crystals. Just look at this big kiss on the digital Corona and tell us not to want one!


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